Dragon Qigong

The following is a simplified sequence of rising and descending dragon Qigong

Posture 1 Descending dragon

Weight on front foot. Lean forwards and look at back heel. Arms spiral and stretch forwards and back

Transfer from descending dragon to rising dragon
Weight shifts back. Front arm drops down the centre. Body rotates to the left (when right foot is forwards). as the rear arm spirals round to the left. Body faces centre as arms complete the movement. Weight now completely on the back foot

Posture 2 Rising Dragon

Rising Dragon. Spiral arms one palm faces up, the other down
Transfer from rising dragon to descending dragon (right foot forwards)
Body rotates to the left as arms spiral backwards around the body to the left. Reverse direction of the turn to the right and shit the weight forwards onto the front leg as the arms spiral to the right.

When the left leg is forwards just change the direction of the turns to the opposite side